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  • Stella on 2004-Mar-21 10:29:03 Stella said

    hmm...if we used yr pics as mix tape cover art, would you mind? I quite like this pic....
  • Brett on 2004-Mar-22 23:24:29 Brett said

    of course not. help yourselves.
    feel free to send me a copy too ;)
  • Stella on 2004-Mar-29 09:25:58 Stella said

    oh, weehee! I just realised how to access comments....go me and my uhhm smartness....but yes, thanks for the consent dude, and if i ever make a tape with this as the cover, I will be sure to send you a copy.....
  • popsy on 2005-Aug-01 20:54:07 popsy said

    pretty damn cool where the f*** is the ghost?
  • popsy grl on 2005-Aug-01 20:56:13 popsy grl said

    my daddy said dumb stuff. Who wants sex? call 631 399 2580 for a good time!!!!!
  • floppy donkey dick on 2005-Aug-01 21:01:41 floppy donkey dick said

    suck me
  • big boobs on 2005-Aug-01 21:03:51 big boobs said

    who would want to suck that turd burglars fuckin floppy moldy donkey dick?
  • lexie on 2005-Aug-01 21:04:19 lexie said

  • bigboobs on 2005-Aug-01 21:08:02 bigboobs said

    u r a piece of shit, 'lexie'
  • LP on 2005-Aug-09 19:42:22 LP said

    people need to grow up
  • kool on 2005-Sep-09 17:58:59 kool said

  • Diamond starr on 2005-Oct-12 13:12:25 Diamond starr said

    so nasty you dirty fuckface children you guys are so rude j/k
  • ndha on 2005-Oct-15 13:23:58 ndha said

    make me frekin'out
  • rag doll on 2005-Oct-15 16:56:49 rag doll said

    anhone seen that car commercial filmed in great brittian well were they filmed it it turned out a guy was killed there and you can see its ghost post a comment to me for further info.:)
  • agg on 2005-Oct-17 23:04:52 agg said

  • booger on 2005-Oct-18 17:03:39 booger said

    Y'll r a bunch of monkey nut, you y'll saying wana havesex all that shit, wy doncha fuck me bitch!
  • slutt puppy 101 on 2005-Oct-18 17:05:47 slutt puppy 101 said

    is my ass big?
  • fuckher 24-7 on 2005-Oct-18 17:07:38 fuckher 24-7 said

    call 785-243-7260 ask for shit head joe

    hey bitch
  • pussymag411 on 2005-Oct-18 17:13:26 pussymag411 said

    Iwant your ass bitch!
  • pussymag411 on 2005-Oct-18 17:13:26 pussymag411 said

    I want your ass bitch!
  • vivifeb19 on 2005-Oct-26 00:44:50 vivifeb19 said

    oooooo how scary picture that is fake
  • Nog's_MAFIA387 on 2005-Oct-27 04:16:25 Nog's_MAFIA387 said

    iiiiiiihhhhhhh seremmmmmmmmmm!
  • Bean on 2005-Oct-27 18:12:04 Bean said

  • Jaye-Howe Vorc on 2005-Oct-31 20:52:52 Jaye-Howe Vorc said

    Luv The Picture. I love anything scary. The more blood it is and the more screaming, I love it! Thanks.

    Joede Honey Vorc
    Yahoo : jaye_hovve
    Friendster : [email protected]
  • Ph. on 2005-Nov-02 17:55:23 Ph. said

    You know whats really scarry? You sex deviates could be running this country one day. Your Parents are pieces of crap for bringing you up this way.
  • shit face on 2005-Nov-04 21:31:43 shit face said

    these is fucking bullshit
  • softballbabe on 2005-Nov-06 06:12:03 softballbabe said

    Hey what up well i think it is a piece of sh** well anyways bye it is like so freak fake
  • Softballbabe on 2005-Nov-06 06:12:41 Softballbabe said

    I meant freakin fake**
  • homer' on 2005-Nov-06 12:17:32 homer' said

    is my condon!!!!
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Nov-09 21:58:59 Anonymous coward said

  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Nov-09 21:59:09 Anonymous coward said

  • AcE on 2005-Nov-13 21:12:06 AcE said

    Yep, its fake. Doesn't mean it doesn't look cool.
  • suckmine on 2005-Dec-02 00:18:45 suckmine said

    that is all
  • ANNABELLA on 2005-Dec-03 18:26:25 ANNABELLA said

  • gangster340 on 2005-Dec-10 19:55:55 gangster340 said

    that is fake yo ill sing a song yo that fake ill just take that fake pic a shit on it so it will look real but no it is not because the shit is just rubber tire im on this computer it called dell ya just like a bell
  • lil guy66 on 2005-Dec-10 19:57:06 lil guy66 said

    your gay
  • lil guy66 on 2005-Dec-10 19:57:06 lil guy66 said

    your gay
  • lil guy66 on 2005-Dec-10 19:57:06 lil guy66 said

    your gay
  • lil guy66 on 2005-Dec-10 19:57:06 lil guy66 said

    your gay
  • d on 2005-Dec-13 13:29:18 d said

    haha ghosts
  • lampard on 2005-Dec-14 16:41:27 lampard said

    now..........what a cheat........loook....suck my dick...the ghosts it´s false
  • jose mourinho on 2005-Dec-14 16:42:27 jose mourinho said

    olha e assim filho duma ganda puta
    os fantasmas nao existem
    putaou gay d merda
  • bigboy on 2005-Dec-23 14:15:16 bigboy said

    anybody there?
  • bigboy on 2005-Dec-23 14:19:10 bigboy said

    I think it is real!
  • DJ JAY M. on 2005-Dec-26 02:42:56 DJ JAY M. said

    Look people, don't be stupid....
    for any form of paranormal activity after life, first you needed to be alive....Do you know any train thet was alive?
    unless it wes a demonic entity who nwver had human form...
  • big boy on 2005-Dec-29 17:29:18 big boy said

    who ever wrote things beetween what I did is a friek
  • brett on 2011-Sep-21 10:38:28 brett said


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